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Diane is a passionate, energetic speaker, award-winning author and Master Mindset Mentor who bring decades of life, business and onstage experience to her presentations.

She’s believes everyone deserves to manifest their dreams, to turn chaos into clarity, poverty into prosperity, and she’s on a mission to shift one mind at a time, one business at a time to a Master Mindset.

Why Diane? Because…

  • She understands that you need a speaker who’ll truly serve your audience and add value to your event.
  • She knows that your audience’s number one challenge is to be professionally successful, personally fulfilled and find a healthy work/life balance.
  • She remembers what it feels like to lie awake at 3am consumed by anxiety and imposter syndrome.
  • She’s known the depths of depression and the despair of not feeling good enough.
  • She knows how to stop the self-sabotage and succeed.
  • And she can show your audiences how to do it as well!

Through her inspiring presentations, she can show your audience how to break free of the Cycle of Disempowerment and master their lives and businesses with one quantum shift of perspective.

Her journey from a broke, suicidal thirty-year-old woman to owning an eight-figure business, winning 2019 SBAA International Women’s Day Leadership Award and being short-listed in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2020, demonstrates the transformative power of her Master Mindset method.

With over forty years’ experience teaching, speaking, coaching, counselling and leading teams of people, she’s helped countless clients shift from a limited human perspective to a Master Mindset by engaging, empowering and energising their lives and businesses to create extraordinary results.

Her presentation – The Master Mindset of Powerhouse Women is designed specifically for entrepreneurial, corporate and executive women, but can be easily adapted to a mixed audience – The Master Mindset of Powerhouse People. It can be delivered as a keynote, break-out session or half/full day workshop.

Her other keynote presentation – Dare to be More – is based on her phoenix-like rise after her #metoo moment and the insights she gained mastering her destiny.

Diane says, “The way we’re thinking about life and business is dead wrong! It’s not about doing and having. It’s about being. We must first be the person who can do what it takes to have a happy, healthy and wealthy life. Who we are being sets the benchmark for our success and fulfillment.” And Diane is a dynamic living example of this.

Speaker’s Kit for Event Planners

What other people are saying…

“I found Diane’s ‘no-nonsense’ positive approach and presentation style to be uniquely different and extremely engaging. She is a woman who commands a room and gets to the core of the truth in a way that touches you inside. I experienced an awakening of the mind and soul that challenged my way of thinking about life which has made a lasting impact on my life. An extraordinary woman, with extraordinary gifts and extraordinary story to share.”

Amy Rose Gilltrap, Communications Specialist, IWD Leadership Award Program and Celebration Lunch Coordinator 2009 – 2019

“When I decided to start my own business, I enlisted Diane to coach me in personal, professional and business development. For over 2 decades since, I have succeeded as a woman solopreneur because of what she’s taught me. Through Diane’s powerful insights and practical systems, I have been able to turn my visions into realities time and time again.”

Amber Demas, White Amber Bamboo Clothing & Bespoke Collection

“Diane is a dynamic, interesting and talented speaker. Her seminars impact significantly on those wanting to improve their life’s situation.”

Dr. Cathy Sinclair, The Consultancy Bureau

“Diane’s unique style certainly made us sit up and take notice. What a knock-out!”

Julie Cleary, National Speakers Association of Australia

“Many thanks for waking our members up and giving them a new perspective on life. We need more speakers who promote the philosophy of ‘the sky is the limit’ for everybody – not just a chosen few.”

Cheryl Vize, Director, Australian Franchising Association

“Seldom does one find a speaker whose address combines so many elements and such a range of good practical sense. The dynamics of your presentation were wonderful and made those present really sit up and listen. You provided a welcome contrast to the usual type of speakers who stand at lecterns.”

Les Elbourne, Secretary, Property Management Chapter, REIQ