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How to Raise Happier and Healthier Children

Words: © Diane Demetre

As parents, we all want to raise happy, healthy children who are equipped with self-confidence and compassion to navigate this new world. We know that being a well-adjusted adult increases the likelihood of living life on our terms with little to no stress, anxiety, or depression. Though we may still grapple with our own health and well-being, we don’t want our children to go through a similar struggle. We want them to live better lives than us. But how do we prepare our children for their fast-changing future? How do we empower them to be happier and healthier?

Due to scientific breakthroughs, we can now measure how certain activities improve overall health and well-being and lead to higher levels of happiness. Science has proved that many ancient practices are beneficial to our levels of happiness. When experienced as a family unit, these practices prepare our children for adulthood and the energy shift in the family elevates everyone’s health and happiness.

For example, meditation protects people against depression. It has been shown that the overall health of people who mediate is higher than those who don’t and that they visit the doctor far less in their lifetime. Learning to meditate as a family only requires commitment and a little time. If there is time to watch Netflix, then there’s time to meditate. Just the process of sitting still together, closing our eyes, and not speaking helps quiet the mind and lowers blood pressure. Brain waves shift to electromagnetic oscillations with a frequency range of 8-12 Hz. These Alpha waves calm the nervous system. The feeling of peace and contentment after meditation empowers each of the family with a sense of knowing that no matter what appears to be going on, we are in the driver’s seat of our life.

Another ancient practice is coming together in rhythmic rituals. This could be singing or chanting or dancing, anything that brings the family together in a rhythmic way in which everyone participates. Previously, humanity gathered in sacred temples and en masse bonded by raising their energy in song and chanting. Or like the Sufi dancers, twirled and swirled in frenzied ecstasy elevating their levels of happiness. We have all experienced the miraculous mood-enhancing power of music and that when we hear an old song from the past how it can immediately stir our memories and feelings, or the power of being at a live concert and the positive impact it has on our spirits for days after. We can implement own family ritual by playing uplifting music every Saturday night and dancing and singing together. Even if only for fifteen minutes before dinner, we can laugh, sing, and dance out the past week’s troubles, knowing we are instilling in our children an unspoken ritual which will improve their health and happiness.

Another ancient practice is the sacred pilgrimage. Though this is not readily available in our post-covid world, as a family we can dispense with the car and choose to walk to the supermarket for a change. As we travel along the way, we can practice mindfulness. We can pay attention to the sights we take for granted. Converse about our goals, using the steady pace of our steps as a lesson to guide us into the future. We can enjoy the natural world around us. Appreciating the plants, insects, birds, and other aspects of nature, we find a new aliveness in ourselves.

However, the most powerful way to raise happier and healthier children is by example. ‘Monkey see, monkey do’ is never more apt than when parenting. When our children witness and feel us being happier, healthier examples of adulthood, they are more likely to be happier, healthier versions of themselves. To raise happier, healthier children we must firstly take responsibility for our own happiness and health and through example, our children will follow. There will be times when we fail but that is an important lesson in empowering our children. They will come to understand that there are no mistakes, just results and that they can always change their results and be happier and healthier.

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Diane Demetre

Diane Demetre is a Leadership & Mindset Speaker, Master Mindset Coach & Mentor, and multi-published Author with a 40+ year career spanning education, entertainment and entrepreneurship. Awarded an International Women’s Day Leadership Award, Diane is a powerhouse of educated insight, practical experience, and dynamic leadership. You can find out more about her keynote speaking at and her other services at

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