How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain

For centuries, religions and philosophies have long extolled the benefits of practicing gratitude. The giving of thanks at mealtimes, saying prayers before sleep or meditating on the feeling of gratitude are integral parts of many people’s lives. Over the past

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Meditation Made Easy

Each of us is a living, resonating field of energy directly impacting our reality. Every emotion and feeling we experience has a frequency. High frequency feelings include gratitude, love, joy, optimism, peace, and passion. Low frequency emotions include anxiety, stress,

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How to Raise Happier and Healthier Children

As parents, we all want to raise happy, healthy children who are equipped with self-confidence and compassion to navigate this new world. We know that being a well-adjusted adult increases the likelihood of living life on our terms with little

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Finding Your Happy Place

“I’ll believe when I see it.” This statement predisposes that we have no control over our lives. That we are separate to and at the mercy of circumstances, conditions, and the cosmos. Indicative of the limited human perspective that we

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Be the Presence of Peace as a Parent

The Dalia Lama is quoted as saying, “If every eight-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” As a teacher and student of the healing art of meditation for over thirty-three

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