About Diane

Through her successful business enterprises, keynote speaking, executive training, coaching and mentoring programs, and her writing, Diane has helped countless people master their mindset, energy and skills to become leaders in their lives, businesses and organisations. However, it wasn’t always that way. Over three decades ago, Diane found herself:

That was when she heard a voice inside, say, “Dare to be more.”
This changed the trajectory of her life and she launched into a conscious journey to reclaim her power, passion and purpose and spend the next thirty-plus years sharing her mission.

A mission to shift one mind at a time, one business at a time to a Master Mindset by unlocking the leadership potential in each individual. After discovering the mysteries and science behind the mind, body, spirit connection, she created an extraordinary life that has seen her:

Her Master Mindset Method transformed her from a broke, suicidal young women to a successful leader and entrepreneur living the life of her dreams. It’s a method she’s taught countless clients who’ve gone on to create extraordinary results in their lives and businesses and forms the foundation of all her programs, teachings, coaching and courses. 

Let Diane show you how to live the life of your dreams through her Master Mindset Coaching or her Master Mindset Method online course.