I’m Diane… entrepreneur, speaker, author and Master Mindset Mentor.

I’ve been playing the game of life now for over six decades and boy, have I learned, loved and lived a lot. One of the greatest insights I’ve gleaned along the way is that a happy, successful and fulfilled life isn’t defined by what we do or have. It’s about who we’re being.

We must first be the person who can do what it takes to have our big dreams manifest. Who we are being sets the benchmark for our health, wealth and happiness.

As Hellen Keller wrote, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Only when we dare to be more, can we do more of what matters and have more of what counts.

To live a life that matters and leave a lasting legacy is easier than you think.

Let me show you how…

Yes, I want my Mindset Mastery Assessment

With over forty years’ experience teaching, speaking, coaching, counselling and leading teams of people, Diane has developed an experiential skill set that shifts human perspective to the infinite master mindset of being, doing and having more.

Her rare ability to break down complex issues into simple shortcuts and connect with people on a higher level, elevates and energises her audiences to embody physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual change.

Diane doesn’t sell ‘concepts’ of enlightenment, motivation or freedom. She shares tried-and-tested insights and strategies which have generated significant success and fulfilment in her own life.

Blending science, personal empowerment and process-driven strategies, she’s a passionate, powerful woman, empowering others with a wisdom gained from owning successful businesses, decades of intense self-scrutiny and conscious living.

Diane was awarded the 2019 SBAA International Women’s Day Leadership Award for her leadership and achievements in the Entertainment, Creative Arts and Media Industry, and was shortlisted for the 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Awards.


In this pithy, pragmatic handbook, Diane Demetre shares how you can master your life as the coronavirus wreaks havoc across the planet. Blending science, psychology, personal empowerment and spirituality, Diane condenses her wisdom from forty-plus years teaching, counselling, coaching and leading teams of people into 21 simple, yet effective strategies that you can immediately implement to master your mindset.