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3 Ways to Employ More Joy

Words: © Diane Demetre

While we’re trying to deal with the ongoing implications of the current global upheaval, many of us have lost the spark for the smaller things in life. Most agree that the inconsistencies with lockdowns and government messages have taken a toll. Whether it’s financial, mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual, we’ve all been impacted. Some would even say that this chaos has sucked the life out of them. They lack the energy to motivate themselves and are reeling from anxiety, stress, and despair.

As Einstein said, “Everything is energy.”

That means we are energy. We each have the power to achieve anything, to reach for a higher resonance and create the life we desire most. The trouble is that most of us don’t believe we can or know how to do it.

We’ve been conditioned throughout our entire lives to adopt a limited human perspective which tells us that we can’t, we’re not good enough or that while other people are lucky, we are not. This closed mindset blocks our critical thinking and ability to research, evaluate and make informed decisions. It stops us from taking committed action and disconnects us from our intuition. Ultimately, a closed mindset leads to compromised health, wealth, happiness, and success.  A closed mindset is a death knell to our joy.

If we want to improve, we essentially need to retrain our brains to learn how to employ more joy in our lives. I call it the Feel-Good Factor, where you create the joy and happiness through your energetic resonance rather than waiting for it to just happen. BTW—I’ll let you in on a little secret. It won’t just happen.

“If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.”

The word ‘emotion’ is literally “energy-in-motion”. We have the power to shift our energy away from the negative emotions bombarding us to more positive feelings of hope, optimism, love, peace, joy, and happiness.

We are the energy we resonate—negative or positive.

We create our reality through the energy we resonate.

We must build our psychological strength and resilience by mastering our mindset.

Here are 3 ways to employ more joy into your life, recharge your energy levels and tap into the Feel-Good Factor. 😊

  1. Reach for a higher resonance

Live your life as if you’re already living the life of your dreams. Reaching for and living with a higher resonance can make extraordinary changes to your life. You need to shift your perspective and vibrate at that higher resonance. Throughout the day when you sense things getting on top of you, STOP. Take 3 deep breaths and think of something that makes you happy. A joyful experience or memory. Bring it to mind and then resonate the feeling through every cell of your body.

You can master your mindset.

You can rewire your brain.

As Nike says, “Just DO It”.

2. Love to laugh

Do things that make you laugh. Watch a comedy, play with your pet, call a friend and share funny stories. Can you remember the last time you were laughing so hard, tears rolled down your cheeks? These sorts of moments are important to our overall health and well-being and act as powerful tools to help employ more joy.

If you remember that funny video on Facebook or YouTube that had you laughing out loud, share it with a friend. NOW!

Or recommend that funny stand-up comedian you watched on Netflix. Times like these is when we need to spread as much laughter and joy across the world as we can to help others employ more joy.

Here is a personal favourite of mine that always makes me cry with laughter! Robins Williams Live at the Met. Hilarious 🤣

3. Look on the bright side

Finally, it’s all about looking for more joy.

Remember the saying, ‘Seek and you will find.”

Well, it’s true. If you look for more joy, then you’ll find more joy in your life. We take life too seriously until in the end, we become grumpy old complainers who nobody wants to hang out with.

There’s always a positive to any situation, even if it doesn’t feel like it. It’s up to us to dig around for the precious gem of joy until we find it. Sure, times are challenging but do you want to live with the proverbial monkey on your back, bringing you down? If not, shrug it off and look on the bright side.

Do these things today. The moment you employ more joy; the Feel-Good Factor will kick in and more joyous experiences will turn up in your life. Why? Because you attracted them through mastering your mindset, reaching for a higher resonance, and doing things that make you happy.  Life really is that simple. ❤️

If you’d like to learn more tools and techniques for mastering your mindset and accessing the Feel-Good Factor, my Master Mindset Method online course can show you how. This course is money-back guaranteed, and there’s a special offer on at the moment to liberate your mindset from lock-down. You can check it out here

Diane Demetre

Diane Demetre is a Leadership & Mindset Speaker, Master Mindset Coach & Mentor, and multi-published Author with a 40+ year career spanning education, entertainment and entrepreneurship. Awarded an International Women’s Day Leadership Award, Diane is a powerhouse of educated insight, practical experience, and dynamic leadership. You can find out more about her keynote speaking at and her other services at

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